Hard to believe! A betting slip in England goes through the roof – the profit is unbelievable. A lucky man clears the bank with tips in the Premier League and Championship.

A bet of less than one euro, but a profit in the six-figure range? The thought sounds unimaginable, but for one tipster it became a happy reality.

The lucky bettor had invested 60 pence (71 cents) in his bet on 16 different Premier League and Championship matches.

In the end, the betting slip brought in an incredible 157,865.59 pounds – the equivalent of 187,860.05 euros.

Close games

Two of the 16 games in particular will have probably stolen the bettor’s nerves as he crossed his fingers.

Burnley, for example, only won 2-1 after going behind early on thanks to two late goals.

In the second thrilling match, the bettor’s customer can probably thank Wilfried Zaha above all.

The striker led Crystal Palace to victory with his late goal in injury time and thus also kept the betting slip on track.

Alex Apati, who works in the betting company’s PR department, congratulated his client and couldn’t resist a little joke: “We have no doubt he’ll spend some of his winnings on a Wilfried Zaha jersey after Palace’s dramatic win kept the bet alive!”

The amazing thing

All 16 games found a winner apart from the match between Cardiff City and Birmingham City – the tipster was right in all of Saturday’s games.

So with luck and good instinct, 71 cents became an incredible amount of money