Possible mega-profit vanishes into thin air. Cash-out options soar to unbelievable heights and drop rapidly. A spectacular betting slip comes to a bitter end in the thrilling English championship race.

Cash out or take a risk and hope for the best? The question probably often haunts the minds of betting provider customers. Especially when the immediate payout (cash-out) is 95,000 pounds (about 111,000 euros). Tanya Hanley decided against it and put her trust in Jürgen Klopp’s team. And so her incredible betting slip came to a bitter end.

At the betting provider ‘Betfair’, an absolute thriller took place last weekend. Tanya Hanley believed in a strong Liverpool at the beginning of the season and bet 100 pounds (equivalent to 117 euros) on winning the quadruple. For Hanley, it was her first ever bet, as she explained in a conversation with her betting provider.

For the unprecedented success of an English team, she would have received 367,200 pounds (429,624 euros). She was right for a long time, because Liverpool were still in the running for all four major trophies. They had already won the FA and League Cup, were in the final of the Champions League and on the last matchday of the Premier League it would be decided in a true championship thriller.

‘Betfair’ spokesman Sam Rosbottom indicated ahead of the big decider that there was close contact with the punter during the matchday and that she was aware of the cash-out feature. The betting company kept its eager followers up to date via Twitter.

Cash-out not an option

Cashing out before the day of the decision? Not an option for Hanley: “My family and friends keep asking me about it and want to know if I’ve cashed out yet, but I don’t want to cash out,” she further revealed in the interview, “no one has ever been this close to winning the quadruple, I really believe they can do it.”

After the whistle blew, things looked good for the Reds and the betting slip for a long time.

Manchester City trailed Aston Villa 1-0 at the break and Liverpool went into the break with a draw. The cash-out offer was an incredible £62,371. Hanley continued to put faith in her Reds and in Aston Villa, who even went 2-0 up against the Citizens through ex-Liverpooler Philippe Coutinho in the second half.

Bitter end

The offer of immediate pay-off skyrocketed. A full £95,000 was on the table 20 minutes before the end of the game but was again rejected. The rest is history and incredibly bitter for Tanya Hanley.

Nevertheless, a small consolation remains. Betfair ambassador and former professional footballer Dimitar Berbatov promised the unlucky player that he would win the cash-out offer from the 92nd minute. So Hanley gets 1,215 pounds (about 1,421 euros).