Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals he is afraid of ending his career – and gives reasons. But the Swede also says that a quick departure is quite possible.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not known for thoughtful words. On the contrary, the Swede repeatedly causes a stir with statements ranging from self-confidence to arrogance.

But on one subject the striker is now actually brooding.

“I’m standing at the finish line. I’m a bit scared. If I stop, what will I do?” asked Ibrahimovic on ESPN.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: ‘Must be physically fit’

The 40-year-old has repeatedly struggled with injuries this season and has already missed 18 games as a result. Especially his Achilles tendon and his knees are causing problems.

Currently, “Ibra” is therefore forced to watch again.

“I’m trying to move the line, play and score goals. But to keep playing I have to be physically fit, I have to be able to enjoy playing,” Ibrahimovic continued.

That’s why the veteran Swedish star makes it clear that a quick departure is a distinct possibility. His contract with Milan expires in the summer.

“There is no point in playing if you suffer too much. It’s better to be realistic and say to yourself: it’s enough. And you start a new chapter. But I don’t do that,” Ibrahimovic added.