Team boss Günther Steiner has confirmed contact with Nico Hülkenberg as a possible successor to Mick Schumacher at the Haas Formula 1 team.

“Yes, I have spoken to Nico,” the 57-year-old told broadcasters RTL and NTV. “We are talking, but nothing has been done yet,” Steiner added.

Asked if there was still fire in the now 35-year-old Hülkenberg, who has only done temporary stints since leaving Alpine after the 2019 season, Steiner replied, “I think so, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking, would we?!”

Schumacher must score points

It is still open whether Haas will extend the contract with Hülkenberg’s twelve years younger compatriots. Racing team boss Gene Haas had recently made it clear that Mick Schumacher would have to score points in the four races still to come, starting with the home race for the American team this weekend in Austin, Texas.

“Performance is points for us,” explained Steiner, who has long since extended the contract of Schumacher’s teammate Kevin Magnussen. The Dane has also not finished in the points for six races, Mick Schumacher for seven. He also suffered from slip-ups and mistakes by the team. “Finishing twelfth or thirteenth is not the performance we need at the moment,” stressed Steiner, who actually didn’t want to give a figure, but then spoke of 20 points. “Never say never,” said the team boss, stressing that it was in Mick Schumacher’s hands and feet to prove what he could do. The son of the record world champion is already in his second year with Haas.