In the course of the Summer Game Fest livestream, countless new games and game content were announced or presented. Among others, an old acquaintance was revealed for Street Fighter 6.

After Street Fighter 6 was officially announced a few months ago, new video material was shown during the Summer Game Fest. Developer Capcom once again presented the revised look that the successor to Street Fighter V will offer. A gameplay trailer was also shown, in which series legend Guile was confirmed as the next fighter for Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 will most likely be released for PlayStation, PC and for the first time since Street Fighter IV for Microsoft’s Xbox platform. In addition to the classic 1 vs. 1 component, the game itself will offer a completely new game mode, which is reminiscent of a kind of open-world role-playing game.

The first trailer already shows how a character controlled by the player walks through a city, addresses various characters and fights duels with them. Fans already suspect that in the course of the story characters such as Chun Li or Ryu will act as possible teachers for their own character.

The city is Metro City, the setting of another well-known fighting game series from Capcom: Final Fight. It is not yet known exactly when Street Fighter 6 will be released. So far, the Japanese developer and publisher is talking about a release in 2023.