The honorary captain of the German national team, Franz Beckenbauer, is appalled by Russia’s war in Ukraine. With his foundation, he wants to help disabled and sick refugees in particular.

Franz Beckenbauer is very concerned about the war in Ukraine. “These pictures and news that reach us from Ukraine are simply terrible. Many people die, are injured or have to flee traumatised – from their homeland,” the honorary captain of the German national team told the club magazine “51” in an interview.

“Fortunately, there is a lot of solidarity with these people in the Western world, and if many people help, we will manage to alleviate the unimaginable suffering of the refugees, at least as best we can.”

In May, the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation celebrates its 40th anniversary. The institution also wants to help Ukrainians. “The foundation will help these people in need as best it can, in individual cases especially those with disabilities or who are ill,” said the world champion as a player in 1974 and coach in 1990.

“I don’t want to imagine a world of the despondent”.

Beckenbauer tries to keep a positive outlook on the world. “In view of all the bad news from all over the world and especially now from Ukraine, one could easily get the feeling that the individual achieves nothing. We want to counteract this resignation with the foundation: Everyone can do good – everyone within the scope of his or her possibilities,” said Beckenbauer.

“I don’t want to imagine a world of despondency in which nothing progresses because everyone tells themselves that nothing can be achieved. I myself have experienced often enough in my life what you can achieve when you are passionately committed to your goals,” the former professional continued.