Even at the age of 40, former world champion Fernando Alonso is far from thinking about the end of his Formula 1 career.

“Next year or the next two years I would like to continue and keep driving because I feel the best right now,” the Spaniard told the British TV channel BBC. From the Team Alpine driver’s point of view, it would be “wrong to watch Formula One from the comfort of my living room at home while I still feel 100 per cent of my abilities,” said the veteran, who will already turn 41 in July.

“The motivation is still there to close the gap to the front”

Alonso’s contract with Renault’s successor team Alpine expires at the end of the year. “We haven’t spoken officially yet. We’ve only had coffee a few times,” Alonso said ahead of his home race at the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday  in northern Barcelona. From his point of view, there is clearly a chance to continue, said the 2005 and 2006 champion. “The motivation is still there to close the gap to the front,” said Alonso, who nevertheless noted that it would certainly be difficult.

Will Alonso be Vettel’s successor?

Alpine has a promising talent up its sleeve in Australian Oscar Piastri (21), who could replace Alonso from 2023. There has been wild speculation recently about whether Alonso could switch to Aston Martin next year and take over Sebastian Vettel’s cockpit there. The German’s contract also runs out. It is not yet clear whether Vettel will continue his career.