“After this action, I need new pants”: Zhou gets into a dangerous situation at the Monaco Grand Prix – about which he can only amuse himself afterwards.

It was a moment that happened at the back of the paddock, but could have gone badly wrong.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Guanyu Zhou experienced a special moment of shock after the interruption due to Mick Schumacher’s accident, which was to occupy him for a while.

“After this action, I need a new pair of pants”.

The Alfa Romeo driver was in 16th place behind Yuki Tsunoda, after the tunnel the Chinese driver started an overtaking manoeuvre, but it went badly wrong. After the 23-year-old had pulled out behind his rival, his car suddenly broke away.

Although the Formula 1 rookie managed to avoid an accident with an outstanding reaction, his subsequent radio message summed up what he was going through: “After that action, I need a new pair of pants,” he admitted candidly.

Guanyu Zhou takes it with humour

After the race, he addressed the situation again. “I tried to do it on the inside, but unfortunately he moved at the last second and I had to take evasive action.” In the process, he said, the car slid away on a damp patch. “It wasn’t so cool in the cockpit, it was quite scary, a borderline moment.”

But at least he had also found his sense of humour again by this point. “But it will be nice to watch the replay.”

In sporting terms, there wasn’t much for Zhou to get out of Monaco, which he had previously only known from Formula 2 races. He finished his F1 debut in the Principality in 16th place, which means he still stands at one point in the drivers’ standings.