Fabio Blanco is a key player in FC Barcelona’s second team. Coach Xavi already has his eye on him. The great talent can finally forget about his time at Eintracht Frankfurt.

It was the 71st minute in the duel between Barcelona B and Atlético Sanluqueno. With the score at 2:0, the ball came to Fabio Blanco. The 18-year-old, who came from Eintracht Frankfurt in the winter, ran with great strides towards the goal and scored from around 20 metres.

The game was decided, the cheers were loud. The Catalans have collected 15 out of a possible 18 points in the past six matches, and the club is almost guaranteed to stay in the league.

Barca coach Xavi: “Blanco’s development is good”.

Xavi, coach of the first team, already has his eye on Blanco. After scoring four goals in the past five games, the offensive man has come into focus.

“Fabio has helped our second team with crucial goals. He can play on both sides and in the middle. His development is good”, how things will continue with him will have to be decided after the season.

Blanco, whose contract runs until 2023, can look ahead in a relaxed manner. Spain and Italy already send their scouts to Barcelona B’s matches.

Should Xavi not be able to show him any prospects, other clubs have put out feelers. Every further successful offensive action makes him even more valuable.

Four goals in Barcelona – previously without a chance in Frankfurt

About five months ago, Blanco was in a different situation. Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner had no use for the Spanish talent, he was not even in the professional squad, sometimes ran his lonesome rounds and did not collect a single minute of action. But the wind has changed at home.

The development therefore does not surprise even close confidants of the player. Blanco brings with him a high level of footballing understanding, he recognises the dangerous spaces, shows his technical ability and is therefore taking off with the Barcelona reserves.

Where will his path lead him? The summer preparation will show.