Wayne Rooney has now publicly criticised Cristiano Ronaldo several times. First the Portuguese superstar reacts, then it’s the Englishman’s turn again.

Is a new enmity developing here?

After Wayne Rooney’s harsh words, Cristiano Ronaldo is now hitting back on social media. Under an Instagram post showing the Derby County coach together with former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher and presenter David Jones, the Portuguese dubbed the experts “two envious people” in the comments.

The sideswipe hit home. Ronaldo gets a lot of encouragement under his comment.

This is CR7’s reaction to Rooney’s repeated criticism. The Englishman had already spoken out clearly to the Sun. This continued in the programme in question.

Ronaldo too old?

The United legend demanded that Ronaldo should leave the club again as he has not provided any benefit to the club since his return. “And obviously Cristiano is getting on a bit. He’s certainly not the player he was when he was 20,” Rooney said.

Rather, he said, United should look to young players.

Reason enough for CR7 himself to leave a little opinion piece in the comments for his former teammate. The two strikers scored together for ManUnited from 2004-2009.

But there is probably no need to worry about their relationship. Asked about Ronaldo’s Instagram post, Rooney said with a smirk: “I saw that this morning. There’s probably not a player on this planet who isn’t envious of Ronaldo. The career he’s had, the trophies he’s won, the money he’s made … the six pack.”