Antonio Rüdiger is leaving Chelsea FC – according to Thomas Tuchel as a direct result of the sanctions against Roman Abramovich. His new club is still uncertain, but will probably be in Spain. 

Twitter, of course, is faster again. Antonio Rüdiger, cleverly mounted in the Real Madrid jersey, Antonio Rüdiger as a black and white collage next to the Estadio Bernabeu, in front of the Palacio de Cibeles. Antonio Rüdiger, wildly surrounded by lightning, with bright blue terminator eyes. All to celebrate one thing: Rüdiger to Real – the thing is through!

But it is not that far yet. According to reports, the German international has verbally agreed on a four-year contract with the Spanish royal club. The royals are the heavy favourites for a transfer of the DFB player. According to “Marca”, Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has already approached President Florentino and expressed his great interest in the former Stuttgart player.

 According to Romano, it is only a matter of “details”. He said that Rüdiger had turned down an offer from Manchester United because he did not want to move within the league out of respect for Chelsea.

“We couldn’t fight any longer”

One thing is certain: Rüdiger will say goodbye to Chelsea FC after five years, and his team manager Thomas Tuchel is feeling frustrated. “The situation is that Antonio wants to leave the club,” Tuchel said somewhat bitterly after the 1-0 (0-0) win over West Ham United: “The club and I gave everything, but we couldn’t fight on because of the sanctions.”

The sanctions: That is the freezing of the assets of billionaire Russian oligarch and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. It has left the club in a state of rigidity, with Abramovich seeking to sell as quickly as possible. Three consortiums have now submitted bids, and the government must ensure that Abramovich does not personally profit.

“Without the sanctions, we could at least have continued to fight, but our hands are tied,” Tuchel complained. The club will also not be able to sign a successor for the ever-seeded centre-back before a sale. Rüdiger was absent against West Ham due to groin problems.

Head of defence at the World Cup in Qatar

Tuchel emphasised that he did not take Rüdiger’s departure “personally” – but it was still “disappointing. He is a key figure, we will miss him a lot. He conveys courage in the dressing room. He is the type everyone is afraid of, someone who plays 50 to 55 games at an outstanding level”.

Force, uncompromisingness, strength in tackling and heading, positional play: Rüdiger, whose contract expires in the summer, is one of the most sought-after defenders on the market. If nothing goes wrong, he will lead the German national team’s defence at the World Cup. Possibly already as a Real professional.