Thiago directs in Liverpool FC’s midfield in the Merseyside derby – outshining the entire Everton team.

Former Bayern player Thiago produced passing fireworks in Liverpool FC’s Merseyside derby win.

The Spaniard played a total of 120 passes against Everton FC. An impressive figure in itself, but it becomes even more imposing when compared to the number of passes made by the entire Everton team.

For the team of coach Frank Lampard came to just 94 passes as a whole – Thiago alone had thus played 26 more passes. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Liverpool’s dominance in the 2-0 win is even clearer when you look at the share of possession: Liverpool were in control 81.7 per cent of the time. But this was obviously in line with Lampard’s tactics.

He said after the match that they had played well. “Of course the match plan was to understand that they have one of the best teams in the world. I thought we could be disciplined and work hard against them. In the first half they didn’t threaten our goal at all.”

Andrew Robertson (62nd minute of the match) and Divock Origi (85th) provided the goals.