Cristiano Ronaldo will not like this news at all: an employee of the Portuguese superstar has wrecked his Bugatti Veyron.

From a sporting point of view, the past season did not go well for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now the Manchester United superstar is also in personal trouble!

His Bugatti Veyron, one of the most expensive cars in the world, was wrecked in an accident on Mallorca. This was confirmed by the police on Monday.

However, the Portuguese international was not sitting in the car, which is said to have cost more than two million euros.

The 37-year-old is currently on holiday with his family on the Spanish Mediterranean island. According to media reports, the accident was caused by an employee of CR7.

Ronaldo employee crashes into house wall

According to the newspaper Dario de Mallorca, the driver was driving on a little-used country road in the island’s interior on Monday morning when he left the road for unknown reasons and crashed into a house wall.

Fortunately, the driver was uninjured, while the luxury car suffered considerable damage.

A Bugatti Veyron has 1200 hp and the top speed is over 400 km/h. The sports car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds.

Possibly too fast for Ronaldo’s employees!