Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a new challenge. Now a club has expressed interest – an offer alone would be tantamount to a minor sensation.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo’s future lie outside Europe?

The Portuguese superstar is known to want to leave Manchester United – but has not yet found a new club. This is mainly due to a lack of offers.

After an alleged 300-million offer from Saudi Arabia, however, a second club is now raising hopes of a sensational transfer. This time it’s a Brazilian first division club.

Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of top club Corinthians, told Ulissescast: “It’s true, I want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. I have big dreams.” It’s hard to dream much bigger than Ronaldo, who has at least one year left on his contract at United, in world football really.

Corinthians boss full of confidence at Ronaldo announcement

But Alves is confident: “We are Corinthians, damn it!” After all, he says, they have got other players who have been successful in Europe: “We have William! We have Renato Augusto!”

That the chances of success for a Ronaldo coup are slim should be clear to him. But: “With everything that happens in football, I feel obliged to try to do everything that is best for Corinthians.”
Ronaldo has missed large chunks of preparation at United. After his only test match appearance so far before the official start of the season, he had caused a stir by leaving the stadium early after being substituted at half-time. Coach Erik ten Hag criticised him publicly for this.

“Maybe he wants to play in Brazil”

The main reason given for Ronaldo’s desire to leave has always been that the 37-year-old still wants to play Champions League football, even at an advanced age.

Which, of course, Corinthians could not offer him. No offer has been made yet either, Alves explained: “But we are keeping an eye on him. Maybe he wants to come and play in Brazil. I see no reason why not.”