Reiner Calmund sees Thomas Tuchel’s freak-out as positive. There has always been a “little creep” in Tuchel.

Thomas Tuchel recently caused a stir at Chelsea FC with his spat with Antonio Conte (Tottenham Hotspur).

Manager legend Reiner Calmund has now spoken out about the action in the podcast Echte Champions XXL with expert Tobi Holtkamp and Matze Knop – and described his view of Tuchel as a person.

“I still know Thomas Tuchel as a youth coach. I got to know him very early on as a modest boy. A good tactician, a good expert. But I also noticed early on that he can become a bit of a creep,” explained Calmund, who worked for Bayer Leverkusen between 1976 and 2004 – from 1999 as managing director.

Tuchel spat? “Have to be able to be a scumbag”.

Calmund thinks: “When you play at this level in such a job and have reached the very top, with these emotions, with this importance, with these fans and this objective, then you also have to be able to be a scumbag sometimes.”

Because “when someone comes down on you, you have to be able to dish it out. That’s what the club expects, that’s what the players expect, the immediate environment, the presidium.”

Tuchel faces suspension

He could not completely assess the outburst and the reasons from the outside, “but I think outliers are very, very good. Especially when they have competence. Tuchel stands for competence and passion. Passion can also be disgusting. Like on the pitch: times in the socks from behind wi****.”

Tuchel and Conte, however, have to answer for their emotional clash. The English Football Association (FA) charged the two team managers with inappropriate behaviour on Monday evening, and both face a ban for the coming matches.