FC Barcelona has little to say in the Clásico against Real Madrid but also sees the referee as responsible. Boss Laporta demands answers in person.

The Barca boss needs clarification!

After the 3-1 defeat in the Clásico against Real Madrid, Joan Laporta, the FC Barcelona president, suddenly appeared in the referee’s dressing room and demanded answers from José María Sánchez Martínez.

The background to the anger: Barca felt cheated of a penalty, among other things when Dani Carvajal hit Robert Lewandowski on the thigh in the penalty area in the 75th minute, but the referee’s whistle remained silent even after the VAR check.

In addition, Real was awarded the penalty in injury time that Barca would have liked to have earlier, after the scene around Barca defender Eric García was checked again.

Barca boss storms referee’s booth

Reason enough for Laporta to seek out the referee, who recorded the uninvited visit in his report.

“Immediately after the end of the match, Joan Laporta entered the referee’s dressing room and repeatedly asked for explanations on some situations of the match. In view of this, he was asked to leave the referee’s dressing room,” Sánchez Martínez recorded.

As the Barcelona-based sports newspaper, Mundo Deportivo writes, “the president’s entourage” would have contacted the paper and stated that Laporta had asked with the utmost respect for the reasons why the decisions had been made the way they were.