The rumours about a departure from Chelsea FC and a possible transfer of Timo Werner are gaining momentum. But if Michael Ballack has his way, that would be the wrong signal. Instead, he demands more bite from the international.

The Chelsea FC chapter could soon be over for Timo Werner. His lack of playing time is fuelling speculation about a move with a view to the World Cup in Qatar.

But Juventus Turin are also said to be interested in the 26-year-old. Even Real Madrid have been mentioned by Mundo Deportivo.

However, if Michael Ballack has his way, such a move would be the absolute wrong signal. “He lacks the necessary elbow mentality,” explained the former DFB captain and new DAZN expert at a media round in Munich.

Ballack with clear criticism of Werner

At the same time, Werner had taken an important step with his move to the Blues. “Taking the step to Chelsea, knowing the environment that awaits him, was courageous,” he praised the 2017 Confederations Cup top scorer.

However, Ballack now sees no further development since then – quite the opposite: “Timo was already further ahead than he is at the moment. That’s where we talk about personality and character.” However, he said, this does not only concern Werner, the club player, but also the national player.

“He was close to being the undisputed striker in the national team,” Ballack looked back at the striker’s early years in the DFB team and added: “I don’t think he is anymore, he has lost that position.”

Ballack demands: He must “flip the switch”

Therefore, he said, the most important thing for him now is to regain that mental strength. “That applies at Chelsea as well as in the DFB team.” To do that, however, he must first change his current demeanour. Ballack feels this is “too well-behaved”. The Stuttgart-born player is too often “resigned to his fate”.

That’s why Ballack, who often led the way and was an undisputed leader in his 98 international matches for Germany, has a demand of Werner: “He seems like a nice guy to me, but he has to try to flip the switch – that he believes in himself again.” If that doesn’t change, “he will continue to have a hard time.”

Whether this turnaround at FC Chelsea will be successful or Werner will need a change of scenery remains to be seen.

Tuchel irritated by Werner

The player himself could tend to imagine a change. “It’s obvious that I want to play more and I should play more to be in shape for the World Cup,” Werner said recently.

He could be happy anywhere, but at the same time stressed that he was trying to appear more often in his coach’s plans.

Thomas Tuchel had reacted to these statements in an unusually clear manner; “Show quality, take your place and defend it.”