Gareth Bale has apparently taken it to the extreme. After he once again signed off injured, Real Madrid seem to be considering sanctioning him.

Real Madrid have apparently had enough of Gareth Bale.

As Onda Madrid journalist Carlos Rodríguez reports on his Twitter account, the royals are considering sanctioning the Welshman.

Bale, whose contract expires in the summer, repeatedly said he could not play because he was feeling a mishap – this time it was his back, which was reportedly bothering him ahead of Saturday’s game against Espanyol Barcelona.

Now Real bosses are said to be considering fining Bale due to his “suspicious” injury-related absences, which are apparently not convincing the club’s medical department.

Trouble last arose in the 4-0 Clásico defeat when Bale sat out due to back problems, but that did not stop him training with his Welsh team-mates the day after.

The striker did not even appear at the Bernabeu, which was the case for the other injured players.