What are the best characters for Apex Legends Mobile? There are different rules and laws on the smartphone than on the console. The top animal legends at a glance.

Apex Legends Mobile is thrilling the gaming community on iOS and Android thanks to the successful mobile port. Not only does the game run extremely smoothly and impress with its chic visuals, but in terms of gameplay, the smartphone version is far ahead of many other conversions of different multiplayer titles.

The legends and their abilities are already familiar to console players – on the smartphone, however, there are a few characters that are a little better or even particularly well suited to get the maximum success out of them.

Apex Legends Mobile: Victory with these Legends

The three best legends for the small screen are Wraith, Octane and Bloodhound. That Wraith finds herself among the top tier legends is no surprise. Her tactical ability allows her to be invulnerable for a short time. Since the ability is very easy to use, it is also enormously popular on the smartphone.

If you are a Bloodhound, you also get a wallhack on the smartphone. The “Eye of the Allfather” is used to scan and mark enemies, and although the Ulti is not quite as powerful on Bloodhound as it is on the console, it is always an advantage to know where the enemies are coming from.

Surprisingly, Octane makes it among the best legends, as he is clearly less useful on other platforms. However, the sprinting of the speed freak is so well implemented that he becomes a superstar on the smartphone.

Fleeing from fights, running around other squads or quick changes of position: Octane’s ease of use (and his automatic health regeneration) makes him one of the best characters. It’s worth trying out.

The exclusive mobile legend Fade, on the other hand, is not for beginners, as the controls take some getting used to. But it’s worth sticking with it, because he’s definitely as good as Wraith and if you want to keep moving, play aggressively and deal out damage, you shouldn’t be discouraged even after any initial setbacks.

By the way, those who really mean business in Apex Legends Mobile can get a controller that is compatible. The significantly better control option is the biggest advantage that players can use.