Human rights organization Amnesty International has renewed criticism of host country Qatar and FIFA in its final short report.

The human rights organization Amnesty International has once again criticized the host country Qatar and FIFA in its final report before the start of the World Cup in one month. Although there have been “noticeable improvements” for migrants working in Qatar since the labor reform in 2017, the reforms have “not been effectively implemented to date”.

Middle East expert Katja Müller-Fahlbusch also criticized in the communiqué accompanying the report that despite the “important steps”, the progress made in recent years was “far from sufficient”. Because of legal loopholes, many workers find themselves in an “all too familiar spiral of exploitation and abuse”, Müller-Fahlbusch said.

With a view to the World Cup (20 November to 18 December), she demanded: “The Qatari authorities must now urgently improve and effectively enforce labor protection measures, strengthen the rights of migrant workers and provide access to justice and compensation.”

FIFA, the world football governing body, is also held to account in the statement. Despite growing public support for the workers, FIFA, like the government of Qatar, has not “spoken out, let alone owned up”. FIFA must “finally stand unequivocally by its responsibility for human rights”.

Critics have long denounced Qatar’s shortcomings on human rights issues. Last week, there was some movement in the debate on compensation funds for killed or injured migrant workers.