For Dani Alves, the second Barcelona chapter is over after just one season. Now the experienced Brazilian takes a critical look back at his former club and has big plans for the future.

Barcelona legend Dani Alves has no longer been a player for the Catalans since the beginning of the month. The 39-year-old is disappointed by the departure after his renewed stay at Barca.

“I dreamed of having this second moment for five years,” Alves looked back on his desire to return in an interview with The Guardian. He did not like the way his departure was handled.

Alves: Barca have “sinned in the last few years”

What the Brazilian also criticises is the work off the pitch. “The mentality is exactly the opposite of what we built a few years ago,” the three-time Champions League winner noted.

“This club has sinned in recent years. Barcelona don’t care about the people who have made history for the club,” Alves said, addressing the club for which he also played between 2008 and 2016.

The currently club-less professional does not want to end his career yet and sees the upcoming World Championships in Qatar as a goal. “Today I’m unemployed, but interesting things have come up,” Alves said, leaving open the question of which club he will play for in the future.

In addition to Real Valladolid, Athletico Paranaense are also said to be interested in signing the veteran. There, Alves would meet his former national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.