A young United talent is delighted to share an appearance with Cristiano Ronaldo. Sergio Agüero takes the opportunity to tease the Portuguese superstar.

Standing on the pitch with Cristiano Ronaldo is an absolute dream for many fans.

For Alejandro Garnacho it has now come true.

The 17-year-old was part of Manchester United’s professional squad for the first time in the 3-2 win against Norwich City. Although he did not play, he was able to celebrate on the pitch with Ronaldo – including a hug with the superstar.

On Instagram, the youngster proudly shared pictures of himself with the star striker, writing: “The greatest of all time … Dream big guys.”

A curious side note to the post: a prominent compatriot of the young Argentine took the opportunity to tease Ronaldo.

Former international Sergio Agüero wrote under Garnacho’s comment: “Because you haven’t played with the best yet,” and linked to what he considers the greatest footballer of the present day, Lionel Messi.

Will Garnacho also play with Messi one day?

It is the latest chapter in a debate that has been going on for over a decade: Ronaldo or Messi, who is better?

That Agüero comes out in favour of Messi should hardly come as a surprise. Both played together for a long time in the Argentine national team and are also good friends. And Agüero is also a club legend at United rivals Manchester City.

It is also understandable that Garnacho is leaning towards his new team-mate Ronaldo. It remains to be seen whether he will change his mind once he has seen Messi up close. That might be possible with the national team, as Garnacho recently played for the U20s for the first time.

To be on the pitch with Messi one day is also an absolute dream for many fans.