In the NBA game between Cleveland and Milwaukee, it’s already over for Jrue Holiday after just a few seconds. But the reason is a positive one – at least for the player.

Curious scene in the NBA game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Cavs won the tip-off and played the ball backwards. There, Bucks star Jrue Holiday drew a foul – and then went off the court. He did not come back either.

To all appearances, the point guard was not injured – on the contrary, Holiday left the court in high spirits. But why the departure after only eight seconds?

The reason is apparently a clause in his contract. According to ESPN, Holiday was still one game short of his bonus of around 280,000 euros (306,000 dollars). According to the clause, he had to play in 67 games in the regular season and have a rebound average of 3.15 per game.

So the current champions did him a favour and used him in the last game of the regular season, even though he had already made the playoffs.

Superstar LeBron James reacted via Twitter. “Sure the bonus,” he probably wanted to communicate with his message. He replaced the word bonus with his wallet. He also posted applause emojis.

In the playoffs, Holiday should be back in action for longer.